2 faceless 256
World Happy Hill
Health points 50

Faceless is the second greater Hero's enemy. Similarly to Sashka, he waits with the Stranger for the Hero. Faceless can be spot at the end of Happy Hill.

2 faceless

Bio Edit

As it can be guessed, the biography of Faceless is not fully known. Probably he suffers from savant syndrome. As a person with mental disorders (more precisely, autism spectrum) during interactions with other people he needs straight instructions to behave; it does not contradict with being able to construct own spacecraft and understanding academic physics and/or math.

It is almost sure that Faceless is a constructor of Platform gun.

Character's MBTI Edit

Faceless belongs to INTP type (Myers-Briggs Type Indicator), a very closed person with his own world. If he feels incompetent in some matter (what happens very often), he tends to be extremely pliable and waits for direct instructions. That, considering his mental disorders, makes from him an object of human manipulations.

He is very polarized MBTI type, almost no extraversion, no sensing/judging functions are developed in his personality. Introverted thinking combined with extraverted intuition helps him to understand nature of objects he creates. It could be funny but his inventions are done by him just for better understanding the world and not for use in general.

His functions like introverted sensing and extraverted feeling are almost inactive.

Fight Edit

Faceless tries to shoot down Hero with his homing rockets and fire gun. From time to time but regularly there appear blocks from which Hero is able to attack Faceless.

Top Hat - Faceless01:12

Top Hat - Faceless

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