1 gun crate 2 shotgun crate 3 platform gun crate 4 freeze gun crate 5 annihilator crate 6 bazooka crate 7 upgraded shotgun crate 0 grenade crate
Freeze gun
4 freeze gun
Hero 4 freeze gun hero
Crate 4 freeze gun crate
Bullet 4 freeze gun bullet
Boss Flying Pirate Ship
Mana cost 1
Reload Fast (500 ms)

Freeze gun creates new possibilities to deal with the enemies. You can freeze them instead of killing. Encaged in the ice enemies are harmful for few seconds and don't move. You can attack frozen beings - it takes more energy points but removes the ice. Remember, some enemies are immune to this weapon.

Freeze gun costs 1 mana point and throws an ice missile. Fast reload. More about usage in Techniques & Tips section.

Related achievements Edit

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