Game progress as a achievements group tells us how far we are on the storyline.

Achievements list Edit

Here you can find all achievements from this group. For the complete list, see achievements page.

ID Achievement Icon What to do? Difficulty
10 Escapee Acv escapee Kill Sashka to escape from Dungeons. Very easy
11 Conqueror Acv conqueror Kill Faceless to pass through Happy Hill. Easy
12 Pirate Acv pirate Destroy Flying Pirate Ship and escape The Ship world. Normal
13 Traveller Acv traveller Destroy Crusher and move far away from Egypt. Normal
14 Confused Acv confused Kill Leprechaun to finish ??? world. Normal
76 Quetzalcoatl Acv quetzalcoatl Destroy Stone Golem in the Forest. Normal
15 Top Hat Acv top hat Finish the game. Normal

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