1 gun crate 2 shotgun crate 3 platform gun crate 4 freeze gun crate 5 annihilator crate 6 bazooka crate 7 upgraded shotgun crate 0 grenade crate
0 grenade
Hero n/a
Crate 0 grenade crate
Bullet 0 grenade
Boss n/a
Mana cost 0
Reload Instant (0 ms)


Grenades bounces back off the obstacles and therefore Hero can attack the enemies without coming out from hideout. During the fights with the bosses, grenade spam can easily finish the clash. Unfortunately, amount of grenades is fairly limited. Luckily, within every finished level Hero gets some grenades (depending on difficulty level, from 1 to 4).

Grenades don't use mana nor need reload. The only one limit is amount.

Related achievements Edit

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