This page contains info about game secrets. Do not read if you want to keep the fun with exploring the game.

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This page is about game cheats. Remember: using cheats is for lamers. Be a true pro player and don't read this page!

Cheats Edit

If you want to activate cheats, you have to edit tophat.ini. Find game options and add line cheats=1.

In the game, you can test following cheats:

  • convincingtools - gives all weapons,
  • jcitsabomb - your bullets are explosive,
  • donttalkwithstrangers - the levels are empty,
  • tiesofblood - reveals enemies/coins positions,
  • showmeyourmoves - shows using buttons,
  • saynotodrugs - colors randomly everything,
  • iamnotanatheist - god mode,
  • theultimatetimemachine - turns The Ultimate Time Machine music on,
  • toomuchdecibels - brings standard music back,
  • noclipbastard - noclip + flying,
  • yesclipbastard - standard walking mode.

You can also test debug=1 mode or change fps=X value. At your own risk!

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