This page contains info about game secrets. Do not read if you want to keep the fun with exploring the game.

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Traceur. During the game you can find 12 blue icons to collect:

Traceur icon

If you collect 5 of them, you will get Traceur achievement, if all - Ninja. There can be only one icon at a level. Additionally, they disappear permanently if collected once.

Click screenshots to enlarge.

Happy Hill Edit

Level 2-1 Edit

Traceur lvl 2 1

The icon is hidden in the top left corner. Without platform gun you are forced to use a teleport:

Traceur lvl 2 1 teleport

Level 2-2 Edit

Traceur lvl 2 2

The 2-2-1 secret quit leads to the icon above:

Traceur lvl 2 2 teleport

Level 2-3 Edit

Traceur lvl 2 3

The icon is able to spot from here:

Traceur lvl 2 3 look

Connected teleport (and secret 2-3-2) can be found here:

Traceur lvl 2 3 teleport

Egypt Edit

Level 4-1 Edit

Traceur lvl 4 1

Level 4-4a Edit

Traceur lvl 4 4a

After a reveal of 4-4a-2 secret you will be able to see this icon (go right).

??? Edit

Level 5-1a Edit

Traceur lvl 5 1a

Level 5-3b Edit

Traceur lvl 5 3b

Connected with 5-3b-1 secret.

Forest Edit

Bar Edit

Traceur cut bar

Some climbing needed.

Level 6-1a Edit

Traceur lvl 6 1a

You can spot the icon from this place:

Traceur lvl 6 1a look

Level 6-1b Edit

Traceur lvl 6 1b

Connected with 6-1b-1 secret. Needs climbing.

Level 6-3b Edit

Traceur lvl 6 3b

Lab Edit

Level 7-boss Edit

Traceur lvl 7 boss

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