This page contains info about game secrets. Do not read if you want to keep the fun with exploring the game.

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Violator. In the Forest you are able to destroy strange statues.


If you destroy at least 8 of 11, the achievement Violator will be unlocked. Below, you can find list with every statue within game id number. Click screenshot to enlarge.

Level 1a Edit

id39076 Edit

Violator id139076

id39077 Edit

Violator id139077

id39078 Edit

Violator id139078

Level 1b Edit

id39079 Edit

Violator id139079

At 6-1b-1 secret place.

id39080 Edit

Violator id139080

At 6-1b-2 secret place.

id39081 Edit

Violator id139081

Level 2a Edit

id39082 Edit

Violator id139082

id39083 Edit

Violator id139083

id39084 Edit

Violator id139084

Level 2b Edit

id39085 Edit

Violator id139085

id39086 Edit

Violator id139086

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