Killing machine group reports a progress in eliminating enemies. With every achievement the step to get another reward increases - to last reward - Demon seed.

Achievements list Edit

Here you can find all achievements from this group. For the complete list, see achievements page.

ID Achievement Icon What to do? Difficulty
29 Rowdy Acv rowdy Kill 25 enemies. Very easy
30 Tough guy Acv tough guy Kill 50 enemies. Very easy
31 Assassin Acv assassin Kill 100 enemies. Easy
32 Warrior Acv warrior Kill 150 enemies. Easy
33 Mass murderer Acv mass murderer Kill 250 enemies. Normal
34 Killer Acv killer Kill 500 enemies. Hard
35 Eliminator Acv eliminator Kill 1000 enemies. Hard
36 Demon seed Acv demon seed Kill 2000 enemies. Be patient. Very hard

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