5 leprechaun 256
World ???
Health points 50

Leprechaun is the fifth boss on the Hero's way for the Hat. He can be found at the end of ??? world.

5 leprechaun

Bio Edit

Leprechaun has unknown provenance. He has diagnosed (by himself) schizophrenia and psychically addiction to psychedelic drugs which is proud of. Leprechaun is known for his delightful pancakes which are too tasty for mortal beings. In his times he was the closest Salvador Dali's friend.

Character's MBTI Edit

Leprechaun is an emotionally unstable ENFJ type (Myers-Briggs Type Indicator).

He loves interpreting the world, finding the value in the details. But he loves even more any new experiences, especially people-focused (for example about human behaviour, his drug abuses seem to be a logical choice in view of this statement). Extraversion tends him to share his own thoughts, words and creations, often ignoring needs of other people.

His primary function, extraverted feeling truly makes him. Despite his undeniable intelligence, he rejects abstract concepts and logic what leads him to dialectics. Probably the amount of contradictions in his mind mixed with dynamic dopamine level changes is the essence of his mental disorder.

Fight Edit

The stage is split into two parts, the first above one is inaccessible. Leprechaun teleports between both of them.

Missile 5 heart 5 pancake
Description Heart missile T-t-t-tasty pancake!

Leprechaun attacks in two various ways, depending on his position. During the first fight stage Leprechaun shoots from the top 6 pancake missiles in Hero's direction, three per round. After this fight stage Leprechaun teleports and takes place down on one of three domino platforms and stays motionless. From this place he shoots using his heart missiles and goes back to the above. Then he gets back to the top and the process repeats.

Top Hat - Leprechaun01:23

Top Hat - Leprechaun

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