Pirate 256
World The Ship
Occurence Level 3-2

Pirate is a thirsty, experienced by life... pirate.


Bio Edit

Pirate has born in regions of Kazakhstan. He started to travel the world very early (at the age of 12). Since he had no money, he tried to join some greater groups (dealing with unconventional ways of earning money). Thanks to his resourcefulness and cleverness (some might say: cuteness) he succeeded: as a young boy he became a true pirate. Soon after that he was the man to give orders to other pirates. The irony is that he never liked water and ships.

Pirate always loved alcohol, just he didn't know about during his childhood. Although he prefers strong liquors, rum is his one of the closest friends till now. Anyway, alcohol ruined his plans: his concentration decreased and his memory diminished as well.

The success summons the enemies: Pirate had to defend himself in group he was the captain. His friends betrayed him and attacked him during one night. He saved himself and defeated the enemies but not without a sacrifice: he lost a hand and a leg.

Character's MBTI Edit

Pirate is a natural rist taker: ESTP (Myers-Briggs Type Indicator). He is impulsive and impatient but his thinking part of his personality helps him to take control of situation and use possible means to achieve his goals, even in the danger.

Occurrence Edit

Pirate waits near the small, closed room with treasures at level 3-2 on The Ship. Pirate asks for a bottle of rum (Friendly pirate achievement to get). See Quests section for help.

We are able to talk him again at the bar.