1 gun crate 2 shotgun crate 3 platform gun crate 4 freeze gun crate 5 annihilator crate 6 bazooka crate 7 upgraded shotgun crate 0 grenade crate
Platform gun
3 platform gun
Hero 3 platform gun hero
Crate 3 platform gun crate
Bullet 3 platform gun bullet
Boss Faceless
Mana cost 1
Reload Fast (500 ms)

Platform gun.

Platform gun cannot be treated as weapon because it does not cause any damage. As it can be guessed from the name, platform gun creates platforms on which Hero can stand. This tool is needed for climbing. Some places (for example secrets) are inaccessible without this gun.

Platform gun costs 1 mana point and throws a green platform for few seconds. Fast reload. More about usage in Techniques & Tips section.

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