Sandbox is an achievements group for making fun with the game creatively (or frustrating).

Achievements list Edit

Here you can find all achievements from this group. For the complete list, see achievements page.

ID Achievement Icon What to do? Difficulty
4 Tourist Acv tourist Finish any level within more than 5 minutes. Easy
7 Moonwalker Acv moonwalker Stay 10 seconds at a caterpillar. Normal
18 Pacifist Acv pacifist Finish 5 different levels without hurting anyone. Normal
19 Speedrunner Acv speedrunner Finish 5 different levels within less than 2 minutes. Normal
25 Sokoban Acv sokoban Put 50 boxes in a proper place. Normal
74 Kangaroo Acv kangaroo During a level, jump at least 300 times and finish the stage. Normal
62 Turnkey Acv turnkey Open 50 doors. Easy
26 Gate master Acv gate master Open 150 doors. Hard