1 sashka 256
World Dungeons
Health points 50

Sashka is the first boss. He waits with the Stranger at the end of Dungeons.

1 sashka

Bio Edit

Sashka comes from Russia and he is well known in his hometown for his strength and endurance. Unfortunately, Sashka is pathologically shy and has strong communication problems, his intellectual abilities are normal though. Therefore Sashka is commonly considered to be plain stupid. At the time he has been studying at Военная академия РВСН имени Петра Великого.

Character's MBTI Edit

Sashka can be classified into INFP type (Myers-Briggs Type Indicator), but only his introverted part dominates. His shyness isn't a result of his introversion though.

Nothing more can be said about his personality.

Fight Edit

Sashka runs with his gun (and some bombs) from the left to the right and the right to the left. Sashka is extremely consistent with his fight plan.

Missile 1 bomb
Description Bomb
Top Hat - Sashka00:48

Top Hat - Sashka

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