Social group involves goals based on interacting with people (or beings). For example tasks connected with accomplishing quests belong in here.

Achievements list Edit

Here you can find all achievements from this group. For the complete list, see achievements page.

ID Achievement Icon What to do? Difficulty
43 Helpful soul Acv helpful soul Return lost wallet in level 2-1. See Quests section for help. Very easy
44 Friendly pirate Acv friendly pirate Bring bottle of rum for a pirate in level 3-2 (The Ship). See Quests section for help. Easy
52 Enlightened Acv enlightened Talk with Old man after finishing ??? world. Game-progress-related achievement. Easy
53 Life of the party Acv life of the party Talk to everyone at Bar. Easy
54 Pianist Acv pianist At the Bar play piano five times. Very easy