7 stranger 256
World Lab
Health points 150

Stranger (known also as Marian) is the main Hero's enemy. He stole Top Hat from Hero and imprisoned him in Dungeons. Stranger appears with other bosses (for example Sashka and Faceless; only to contribute his own two cents). At last Stranger waits in the Lab, fully armored and ready to eliminate Hero.

7 stranger

Bio Edit

Marian comes from a merchant family and is well educated. He has odd preferences concerning art, aesthetic and morality what can be explained as a result of cold relations with his parents. Marian likes games, including psychological ones what, despite his intelligence, stands for his one of greater flaws. He is interested in technology, especially in destructive weapons.

Character's MBTI Edit

Marian is an emotionally immature example of intelligent INTJ type (Myers-Briggs Type Indicator).

The main key of his personality is egocentrism (not confuse with being selfish). He is consecutive, emotionally cold and effective in the action. Marian has a specific way to deal with his emotions, he tends to manipulate people and, if he can't get what he wants, to use various methods of persuasion.

He is able to construct deep, abstract reasoning but the key is based on his extraverted thinking what reveals in his engineering interests. Marian's introverted intuition helps him to order his goals and to know what he wants (for instance: Top Hat).

Fight Edit

To appear.

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