1 gun crate 2 shotgun crate 3 platform gun crate 4 freeze gun crate 5 annihilator crate 6 bazooka crate 7 upgraded shotgun crate 0 grenade crate
Upgraded shotgun
7 upgraded shotgun
Hero 7 upgraded shotgun hero
Crate 7 upgraded shotgun crate
Bullet 7 upgraded shotgun bullet
Boss Stone Golem
Mana cost 1
Reload Slow (750 ms)

Upgraded shotgun.

At the first glance the new version of shotgun can seem to be degraded instead of upgraded but advantages are clear - mainly because of a long range. Clever usage brings surprising effect, it could be used for destroying incoming bullets. The essence of shotgun's behaviour is preserved.

Upgraded shotgun uses 1 mana point. Slow reload.

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