Weapon master achievements group involves all tasks concerning a use choosen, special weapon (maybe also in a special way) or any weapon for specific purpose.

Achievements list Edit

Here you can find all achievements from this group. For the complete list, see achievements page.

ID Achievement Icon What to do? Difficulty
24 Annihilator Acv annihilator Kill 50 enemies with annihilator. Normal
9 Continuous fire Acv continuos fire Shoot constantly for a minute. Easy
23 Grenadier Acv grenadier Kill 50 enemies with grenades. Normal
8 Shambles Acv shambles Shot 250 times in one, finished level. Normal
22 The snow queen Acv the snow queen Freeze 50 enemies with your freeze gun. Easy
6 Trickster Acv trickster Use freeze gun to freeze blades. See Techniques & Tips for help. Very easy
71 Walking armoury Acv walking armoury Collect 50 grenades. Hard