1 gun crate 2 shotgun crate 3 platform gun crate 4 freeze gun crate 5 annihilator crate 6 bazooka crate 7 upgraded shotgun crate 0 grenade crate

Weapons are main Hero's tool to eliminate the enemies and bosses.

Overall Edit

There are 7 weapons in the game, additionally Hero can use grenades. Hero starts with a standard gun and 2 grenades. Each other weapon can be found as a reward for killing a boss.

Weapon list Edit

Here is a summarizing table of weapons.

Weapon name Hero Crate Bullet Boss Mana cost Reload
Gun 1 gun hero 1 gun crate 1 gun bullet n/a 0 Very fast (417 ms)
Shotgun 2 shotgun hero 2 shotgun crate 2 shotgun bullet Sashka 1 Normal (583 ms)
Platform gun 3 platform gun hero 3 platform gun crate 3 platform gun bullet Faceless 1 Fast (500 ms)
Freeze gun 4 freeze gun hero 4 freeze gun crate 4 freeze gun bullet Flying Pirate Ship 1 Fast (500 ms)
Annihilator 5 annihilator hero 5 annihilator crate 5 annihilator bullet Crusher 3 Fast (500 ms)
Bazooka 6 bazooka hero 6 bazooka crate 6 bazooka bullet Leprechaun 2 Very slow (833 ms)
Upgraded shotgun 7 upgraded shotgun hero 7 upgraded shotgun crate 7 upgraded shotgun bullet Stone Golem 1 Slow (750 ms)
Grenade n/a 0 grenade crate 0 grenade n/a 0 Instant (0 ms)

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